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Richard Stallman

Founder of the Free Software Movement

RMS started the Free Software Movement, the FSF and the GNU operating system. He wrote a big piece of the initial software for GNU, including GCC and GNU Emacs, including the widely used free software license, the GNU GPL.

Filippo Bergamo

Developer, Free Software Supporter

Fil is a developer from Italy. He wrote the software that made it possible for easy use of USB WiFi adapters on Replicant phones, which currently is the only possible way use WiFi on Replicant.

Kurtis Hanna

Free Software Supporter

A free software hacker and a social activist from Minnesota, USA. Kurtis is an active member in the Replicant and the Libreboot community and he's also a Technoethical team member.

Keynotes. Software Freedom in Mobile, Hardware, Business & Public Administration.

This year keynotes will show why it's even more important for your privacy to run only freedom-respecting software in mobile devices and low-level hardware components, why as a customer you should always look to buy from ethical IT businesses which let you control your software and what progress we've made requesting and having libre software in public administration in Europe and worldwide.

Lightning talks. Privacy, Internet, Libre Culture & Software Localization.

Coliberator brings again lightning talks on a wide variety of important topics such as privacy, net neutrality, libre culture and localization of libre software. Our speakers will offer the know-how to protect your personal information online and to identify violations of your right to access the Internet. You'll learn how to look for and share libre cultural works and use libre software in your language.

Workshops. Have Freedom and Privacy in Your Mobile Device & Laptop's BIOS.

The Technoethical team will coordinate the two full-day workshops at Coliberator, the Replicant workshop and the GNU Libreboot workshop. Please feel free to join him and Ceata volunteers if you want to know more about these libre software projects, install the software on your mobile device or laptop, and contribute with bug reporting and fixing.

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